On today's Daily Nugget I reflect upon the value of joining a community and finding your tribe. I left for the beach way before daybreak. It was dark, cold, and I had no idea what the surf would actually be like. It's easy to think you are alone and crazy in your decisions. When I got to the beach I found the parking lot packed with like-minded people that also had the faith to get up before dawn and head into uncertainty.

The same is true in Entrepreneurship and running a digital agency. It's easy to think that you are alone and that your troubles and challenges are unique. That's why it is so important to find a sympathetic community, like a mastermind, where you can grow, learn, and share your struggles.

Last week, I got back from a three-day retreat with a group of agency owners.  I've been a member of Jason Swenk's Digital Agency Elite Mastermind for a few years now. Each year we meet for a few days and dive deep. This year we were in Durango, Colorado. Eight of us who have forged close friendships over the years rented an 1860's barn just down the hill from Jason's house where we met each day.

Over three days, we helped each other work through difficulties and learned what was currently working in other agencies by hearing their successes.

Find Your Tribe.

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