While I was out surfing today, I reflected upon procrastination. Procrastination is something we all do, Yet, we are taught from the very first day of school procrastination is bad.

I disagree.

In fact, I was once asked what my operational management style was and I replied, "I've perfected the fine art of procrastination." Now I'm not advocating missing deadlines, but I see the value of waiting until the timing is right. Most often this is right before the deadline.

Why wait? Here are the two biggest reasons

  • Procrastinating forces you to be more efficient with your time.
  • Completing a task too early can waste resources and shop time. When a deadline is a ways off, completing the task too early often requires changes near the deadline since the situation evolved.
Drew Thomas Hendricks - Oceanside Harbor

What a gorgeous morning at the harbor.

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