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#5 I’ve Been Asking the Wrong Question. It’s Who, Not How.

By Drew Thomas Hendricks | October 9, 2021
Drew hendricks morning Nuggets - #5 Who Not How

Today I reflect upon the book “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. I realized that as an entrepreneur who has bootstrapped all of my businesses I’ve been conditioned to tackle every problem as to how can I solve it instead of who is best suited to help me solve it.

#4 Act As If You Cannot Fail

By Drew Thomas Hendricks | October 8, 2021
#4 Drew hendricks Morning Nugget

Was very stormy this morning. Instead of surfing, I ran the jetty. It’s a great exercise to help with balance. While I was out there, I spent some time thinking about a quote that was at the top of my daily planner. Each day there is another inspirational quote. the one today really resonated with me.

It is by Dorthea Brand, “Act as if it were impossible to fail.”

In the video, I did not get the exact wording right, but the gist of it was still there. Once you make a decision to go forward do it with 100% conviction.

#3 Version One is Better than Version None

By Drew Thomas Hendricks | October 7, 2021
Drew Thomas Hendricks - Morning Nuggets #3 - Version One is better than version none

It’s easy to fall into the temptation that a project, task, or new venture has to be perfect before it is released to the public. I can only imagine how many awesome projects never see the light of day because the creators spent too much time perfecting and revising. Then as time went on the creator either moved on to a new more exciting project or the environment changes and the project was not relevant.

Instead, practice version one, rather than version none. Get your creation out into the wild, get feedback, and improve upon it.

#2 It’s Easy to Get 75% of the Way there

By Drew Thomas Hendricks | October 6, 2021
Drew Thomas Hendricks Morning Nuggets #2

It’s easy to get 75% of the way there with anything. You really don’t need any special equipment to make it to Mount Everest’s base camp.  But if you want to make it to the top you are going to need specialized that costs 10 times the price.

#1 Don’t Wait for the Stars to Align

By Drew Thomas Hendricks | October 5, 2021
Drew Thomas Hendricks - Morning Nuggets #1

In this episode, I reflect on the danger of sitting on the sidelines, holding back, and waiting for the stars to align. Too often once you realize the timing is right, the ideal moment has passed.

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