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#13 On a Hike Thinking About Nothing Except Maybe Ramen

By Drew Hendricks | October 17, 2021
#13 Drew Hendricks On a Hike Thinking About Nothing Except maybe Ramen

On today’s Daily Nugget, I went on a hike with my wife Brooke and our three dogs in the coastal hills. My goal was to think about nothing. It’s so important to clear your mind and just be present.

#12 The Secrets to a Great Fish Soup

By Drew Hendricks | October 16, 2021
#12 Daily Nugget - Drew Hendricks - The secrets to a great fish soup

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon what it takes to make a great fish soup.
#1 – Use a neutral-tasting firm fish like Alaska Cod
#2 – Sautée the onions with one strip of bacon cut into 1-inch pieces. Subtlety is the key here. Resist the temptation to use more than one strip.
#3 – Remove the skin from the tomato before dicing.
#4 – Use a wine that is high in acid like a Bordeaux Blanc. Stay away from the oak.
#5 – Use quality shellfish stock. I use a paella stock.
#6 – Add the fish in the last 5 minutes cover the pot, simmer, and do not stir.

#11 Searching for a Story & Don’t Have One? Borrow One.

By Drew Hendricks | October 15, 2021
#11 Daily Nugget - Drew Hendricks - Borrow a story.

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon what to do when you do not have a relevant story in your arsenal to demonstrate a point. Borrow one from the movies.

#10 Searching for a Story

By Drew Hendricks | October 14, 2021
#10 Daily Nugget - Searching for a Story

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon an upcoming client meeting and search for a story that will convey the importance of sticking to the long-term marketing plan rather than making altering the course in search of some short-term gains.

#9 Find Your Tribe

By Drew Hendricks | October 13, 2021
#9 The Daily Nugget -Drew Hendricks- Find Your Tribe

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon the value of joining a community and finding your tribe. I left for the beach way before daybreak. It was dark, cold and I had no idea what the surf would actually be like. It’s easy to think you are alone and crazy in your decisions. When I got to the beach I found the parking lot packed with like-minded people that also had the faith to get up before dawn and head into uncertainty.

#8.1 The Oil Spill Made it to Oceanside

By Drew Hendricks | October 12, 2021
#8.1 The Daily Nugget - The Oil Spill

Today, I saw the first signs of oil on the beach in Oceanside from the oil spill that happened off Orange County back on October 3rd.

#8 The Cobbler’s Shoes – Why My Website Sucks

By Drew Hendricks | October 12, 2021
#8 Daily Nugget - Drew Hendricks

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon the analogy of the Cobbler’s Shoes and come up with a great idea to lean into the concept that just like the cobbler who is too busy making his customer shoes perfect to take care of his own so too is it true for web design agencies.

#7 I Knew It – Procrastination is a Form of Wisdom

By Drew Hendricks | October 11, 2021
#7 - Morning Nuggets Drew Hendricks - Procrastination

While I was out surfing today, I reflected upon procrastination. Procrastination is something we all do, Yet, we are taught from the very first day of school procrastination is bad.

I disagree.

In fact, I was once asked what my operational management style was and I replied, “I’ve perfected the fine art of procrastination.” Now I’m not advocating missing deadlines, but I see the value of waiting until the timing is right. Most often this is right before the deadline.

Why wait? Here are the two biggest reasons

Procrastinating forces you to be more efficient with your time.

Completing a task too early can waste resources and shop time. When a deadline is a ways off, completing the task too early often requires changes near the deadline since the situation evolved.

#6 Continuous Improvement – Observing A Restaurant Launch

By Drew Hendricks | October 10, 2021
Drew Hendricks - #6 Morning Nuggets - Continuous Improvement

Last night we had an incredible dinner at Matsu in Oceanside. The food was fabulous. It was very gratifying to see Chef Willie Eick’s vision come into reality.

Aside from the food what really struck me was how his team quickly adapted to the changing situations. The restaurant had only been open for a week. One can expect a bit of chaos while it finds its rhythm.

Right before our eyes, we saw continuous improvement in action as the team found its groove.

#5 I’ve Been Asking the Wrong Question. It’s Who, Not How.

By Drew Hendricks | October 9, 2021
Drew hendricks morning Nuggets - #5 Who Not How

Today I reflect upon the book “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. I realized that as an entrepreneur who has bootstrapped all of my businesses I’ve been conditioned to tackle every problem as to how can I solve it instead of who is best suited to help me solve it.

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