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#14 Daily Nugget Drew Hendricks Soup Was Made

#14 Soup Was Made

On today’s Daily Nugget, I reflect on the soup I made last night. Here are 5 tips I learned:

1 – Smoke the brisket until it can be broken apart with the chopsticks.
2 – Cook the stock and the sweet onions alongside the brisket for a rich smokey broth.
3 – Roast the carrots during the final hour of smoking the brisket.
4 – Marinate the soft boiled eggs in shoyu and sake for at least 4 hours preferably overnight
5 – Use Thai Basil there is nothing like the sweet, basily flavor it gives the soup.

#12 Daily Nugget - Drew Hendricks - The secrets to a great fish soup

#12 The Secrets to a Great Fish Soup

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon what it takes to make a great fish soup.
#1 – Use a neutral-tasting firm fish like Alaska Cod
#2 – Sautée the onions with one strip of bacon cut into 1-inch pieces. Subtlety is the key here. Resist the temptation to use more than one strip.
#3 – Remove the skin from the tomato before dicing.
#4 – Use a wine that is high in acid like a Bordeaux Blanc. Stay away from the oak.
#5 – Use quality shellfish stock. I use a paella stock.
#6 – Add the fish in the last 5 minutes cover the pot, simmer, and do not stir.

#10 Daily Nugget - Searching for a Story

#10 Searching for a Story

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon an upcoming client meeting and search for a story that will convey the importance of sticking to the long-term marketing plan rather than making altering the course in search of some short-term gains.

#9 The Daily Nugget -Drew Hendricks- Find Your Tribe

#9 Find Your Tribe

On today’s Daily Nugget I reflect upon the value of joining a community and finding your tribe. I left for the beach way before daybreak. It was dark, cold and I had no idea what the surf would actually be like. It’s easy to think you are alone and crazy in your decisions. When I got to the beach I found the parking lot packed with like-minded people that also had the faith to get up before dawn and head into uncertainty.

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