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Daily Reflections by Drew Hendricks

#19 Daily Nugget - Drew Hendricks - Free Yourself From Expectations

#19 Free Yourself From Expectations

On today’s Daily Nugget, I reflect on the great time I had in Oceanside the night before and realized that the reason why was that I went into the evening with zero expectations. By freeing yourself from what you expect you open yourself up to felicity.

#17 Daily Nugget - Drew Hendricks - Worthy Cause Marketing

#17 The Key to Worthy Cause Marketing

On today’s Daily Nugget, I reflect on the podcast interview I had the day before with Michael Houlihan, founder of Barefoot Wines. During the interview, I asked Michael what tips he had for a winery or craft beverage producer to get into worthy cause marketing.

#14 Daily Nugget Drew Hendricks Soup Was Made

#14 Soup Was Made

On today’s Daily Nugget, I reflect on the soup I made last night. Here are 5 tips I learned:

1 – Smoke the brisket until it can be broken apart with the chopsticks.
2 – Cook the stock and the sweet onions alongside the brisket for a rich smokey broth.
3 – Roast the carrots during the final hour of smoking the brisket.
4 – Marinate the soft boiled eggs in shoyu and sake for at least 4 hours preferably overnight
5 – Use Thai Basil there is nothing like the sweet, basily flavor it gives the soup.

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